Hello all - It has been some time since my last Blog. Actually I was busy of renewing my expired MikroTik certificates and doing new MikroTik exams..

For this reason, one of my students who has enrolled to all my MikroTik courses has made a contact with me. He told me that my courses have helped him to pass a lot of MikroTik exams but also to become an authorized MikroTik Trainer. This person is Dritan Vreshta.

He has invited me to come to Albania where he is based so I can do the MikroTik exams at his place. I liked the idea and I traveled to Albania. There I have passed successfully the following MikroTik certificates: MTCNA (renewal), MTCRE (renewal), MTCSE (new), MTCINE (new).

Here below is a picture of myself with the Trainer Dritan Vreshta where we were having a nice traditional Albanian dinner.

I am so glad to see that my online courses have helped Dritan Vreshta to become a MikroTik Trainer and also that he is very well knowledgeable on the topics that I have taught and he can share the knowledge easily to his students in his classes. He is currently teaching a lot of MikroTik courses in Albania and he owns a Wireless ISP called Starnet https://starnet.al/en/

I also had the chance to meet his team of engineering who are all MikroTik certified and they have also followed my courses. They have showed me their network at the WISP which is done in a very professional way. Also they have applied CAPsMAN configuration in the ISP where they work based on the information taught in my CAPsMAN course.

I am so glad that I made the trip to Tirana, so happy to meet Dritan Vreshta and I hope we will meet another time in another occasion.