CAPsMAN is used on MikroTik so you can control all wireless access points from 1 device.

In this course, you will be more familiar with configuring CAPsMAN and use all its features to control all AP's in your networks.

The course is normally for 1 day and it will contains the following topics:

  • How to enable CAPsMAN on a MikroTik router
  • How to enable CAPs on MikroTik routers
  • How to connect the CAPs to the CAPsMAN via layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity
  • Usage of certificate between the CAPsMAN and the CAPs
  • How to configure different wireless channels from the CAPsMAN
  • How to configure security profiles to different wireless SSID's
  • What is the use of Datapath and how to configure
  • How to create Configuration containers
  • How to apply the configuration containers in the provisioning of the CAPs
  • How to create different VLAN's on the wireless for normal users and Guest users
  • What is Access-list and how to use it
  • How to upgrade the RouterOS of the CAPs from the CAPsMAN
  • How to have a 2nd CAPsMAN to act as a failover one


The price of this course is € 299,- (ex. VAT)

Including lunch and of course Coffee/Thea.


In Hilversum - The Netherlands

How to apply to the course

If interested in this course, please write me to [email protected] providing your full name and address, and I will get back to you ASAP.