MTCSE means MikroTik Certified Security Engineer. To be able to follow this course, you should have MTCNA knowledge. After following this course, you will be able to secure MikroTik products from cyber attacks.

The course is normally for 2 days and it will contains the following topics:

  • Hardeining the RouterOS
  • Securing the RouterOS from MNDP, UDP attacks
  • ICMP smurf attacks, DHCP starvation, TCP SYN attacks, Portscan detection
  • Firewall, RAW table configuration
  • VPN Encryption method (IPsec)

if you want to see the list of topics of the MTCSE course from MikroTik website, please click here

What you will get

By end of the day you will do an online exam and if you pass you will get a certificate and become MTCSE Certified


The price of this course is € 699,- (ex. VAT)

Including lunch and of course Coffee/Thea.


In Hilversum - The Netherlands

How to apply to the course

If interested in this course, please write me to [email protected] providing your full name and address, and I will get back to you ASAP.