Here I have a new offer for you. After becoming an authorized trainer for LigoWave, I have taken the permission from them to design an authorized and official course for LigoWave NFT. You can find me listed on LigoWave website as an authorized trainer on the following link:

In other words, students who register to my LigoWave NFT course they are eligible to do the official LigoWave exam and in case they pass then they will get the official LigoWave certificate.

This course will help you to be able to configure LigoWave infinity (NFT) devices via different mode:

  1. Standalone AP
  2. Integrated controller (Master & Managed AP)
  3. Cloud controller
    1. Office AP
    2. Mini-hotspot
    3. Easy Mesh

The course will be based on step-by-step LAB so everything can be applicable in your real network in case you want to apply what you have studied in this course to your LigoWave network.

if you are interested to learn LigoWave and you want to become a certified engineer, all you need to do is to join my course on the following URL and get access to the LigoWave course as well as all my other courses available for only $9 USD per month:

I hope to see you in my courses.