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Learn how to set up Wireless network

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***This course is not officially sponsored by Ubiquiti Inc. and not an authorized course by Ubiquiti Inc. We are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Ubiquiti Inc. We respect the Trademarks of the mentioned company and institution.***

What you'll learn
  • Know what equipment are required to follow this course
  • Understand what is the meaning of Frequency
  • Understand what is the meaning of Wavelength
  • Have a global idea about RF Fundamentals and difference between Low and high frequencies
  • Understand the 802.11 service sets: SSID, BSS, BSSIS, BSA, ESS
  • Understand the difference between management and data frames (Beacon, Probing, Authentication, Association, Data)
  • Understand the Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)
  • Understand how the RF signal is attenuated when passing through materials
  • Understand the 2.4 GHz spectrum and its non-overlapping channels
  • Understand the difference between co-interference and adjacent interference
  • Understand the 5 GHz frequencies and the frequency bonding
  • Understand the IEEE 802.11 standards
  • Understand what is noise floor
  • Understand what SNR is and its relation to the noise floor and the Wireless signal
  • Understand what is Guard interval and its relation to the inter-symbol interference
  • Understand the difference between Zero Hand-off Roaming and Fast Roaming (802.11r)
  • Understand how CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA work
  • Understand the hidden nodes problem on wireless
  • Understand how RTS/CTS solve the hidden node problem
  • Understand the collision at the client side
  • Know what are the different UniFi AP's available
  • Know what is UniFi Cloud Key (UCK) and UniFi Security Gateway (USG) router
  • Configure the Router and the Switch behind the UniFi AP
  • Know what is the usage of the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool
  • Setting up the controller on UCK and adopt the UniFi AP to it
  • Understand how to adopt a UniFi AP to the controller
  • Configuring the wireless AP to provide internet via wireless
  • Configure the router, the switch and the AP's with VLANs for Employees and guests
  • Know how to adopt the UniFi Security Gateway to the controller
  • Understand and configure Firewal rules on the USG router
  • Understand and configure DPI restriction on the USG router
  • Know how to enable the advanced feature on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Airtime fairness and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Band Steering and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Wireless uplink and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with a single password
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with Facebook Wi-Fi check in
  • Understand the usage of the MAP on the controller to design a good Wireless network coverage
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with Hotspot and vouchers
  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge
  • Basic IT Networking knowedge

Ubiquiti Access Points are one of the best products in the wireless market nowadays. They are very stable & efficient, in addition they are very cost-effective products. However, to be able to configure a good Wireless network using Ubiquiti UniFi AP's, you require to understand the theory behind Wireless LAN and you also need to know how to configure the UniFi AP.

For this reason, I have designed this course which cover the whole curriculum of the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin course

In my course, I will pass through all theory needed to understand the WLAN, and we are going to make a lot of LABS to make things easier for you.

In this course, you will learn the following topics:

WLAN Fundamentals such as

  • Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
  • Channel Operation
  • Regulatory Domains
  • etc...

WLAN Planning such as

  • Wireless Technology
  • Coverage & Channels
  • TX Power
  • Antenna Gain
  • etc...

Basic Adoption & Configuration such as

  • Multi-Site
  • Layer-2 Adoption
  • WLAN Groups
  • SSID, Security & VLANs
  • etc...

Advanced Adoption & Guests such as

  • Layer-3 Adoption
  • Zero-Handoff Roaming
  • Guest Portal
  • Customization
  • etc...

If you want to know how to configure UniFi AP's , I advise you to join my course and I am sure that you will get to your goal.

Who this course is for:
  • Engineers & students who want to learn the fundamental of Wireless
  • Engineers & students who want to know how to configure Ubiquiti UniFi AP's, controller and USG

Your Instructor

Maher  Haddad
Maher Haddad

Hello everyone. My name is Maher Haddad and I am a Certified MikroTik Trainer, Cisco Authorized Instructor and LigoWave Authorized Trainer.

I have decided to make this online school to share my knowledge to the community. All my courses are based on theory and hands-on LABS so you can practise while learning.

More than 100K happy students have joined up to year 2022.

I hope you will enjoy watching my courses.

Course Curriculum

  Ubiquiti UniFi Hardware
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