I am glad that I have a new book published on Amazon.com platform. The book name is: MikroTik Switching with LABS

The book speaks about all switching topics that you can do on MikroTik CRS3xx series switches. Think of MTU, Port-Based VLAN, MAC-Based VLAN, Management VLAN, Q-in-Q, STP, RSTP, MSTP, Link Aggregation, L2 QOS, L2 Security, Port Isolation, L2 Tools, SwOS and so on....

All those topics will be included in this book which will contain a lot of hands-on LABS.

This book covers all topics of the MikroTik Certified SWitching Engineer (MTCSWE), so if you read this book you will cover the whole MTCSWE topics and you will be ready for the exam.

Where can I buy this book?
This book can be purchased from Amazon. Depending where you are based, you can go to Amazon of your country and search for my book name and you will be able to buy it. For example, in USA you can buy it from Amazon.com on the following URL: "MikroTik Switching with LABS" from Amazon.com

In The Netherlands, you can buy it from Amazon.nl on the following URL: "MikroTik Switching with LABS" from Amazon.nl

Is the book coming on Kindle format or paperback?
You can buy the book as Kindle format or as Paperback (hard copy). Both options are available on Amazon.

What is the price of the book?
The price of the book differs from Kindle and paperback as following (using USD currency):

  • Kindle: $32
  • Paperback: $45

If you have any question, you can always write me to [email protected]