In this post, I am going to show you how you can separate Gaming traffic from normal traffic when you have 2 or more ISP's connected to your MikroTik Router.

Let's check the scenario that we have:

So I am connecting from 1 MikroTik Router to 2 ISP's: ISP1 and ISP2. Now the mission is to allow all gaming traffic to go from ISP2 and the other traffic to go from ISP1. For this lab, I am going to test on 1 game only which is Clash of Clans. For your case, you can do the same settings if you have multiple games specially if you are running a gaming center.

When searching on google, Clash of Clans port is TCP/UDP 9339 so I will use this to capture the IP's of the Clash of Clans servers

So we create a Firewall RAW prerouting rule to capture all IP's of the Clash of Clash and put them in an address list called Game. We have to do the same but this time using UDP protocol because Clash of Clans use also UDP protocol.

So now those 2 Raw rules will capture for me the Clash of Clans server IP's and put them in an address list for 24 hours. Excellent - now we need let the MikroTik router treat traffic going to Clash of Clans servers to go from ISP2.

Now what I have done is just to say for the MikroTik router that any traffic going to Clash of Clans then put a routing mark to it via-ISP2. This way, we can now create a new route on the routing table saying that all traffic that have via-ISP2 routing-mark will go from ISP2. Let me show you how to do that.

So now all Clash of Clans gaming traffic will go from ISP2. Excellent!!! I will open Clash of Clans game and see if the IP of the server will be captured.

As you can see, the server IP of Clash of Clans has been captured and believe it or not that traffic of this game is going now to ISP2 while all other traffics are going from ISP1. In case you open another time the game, you will see that other IP's will be captures because the game has more than 1 server.

This is the best way to isolate your gaming traffic from the normal traffic when you have 2 or more ISP's connected to your MikroTik router and this method works without any issue.

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