Hello valuable students,

I am glad to inform you that I have successfully met the requirements of being LigoWave LigoDLB certified Trainer.

This is my 2nd trainer certificate from LigoWave after having already the LigoWave LigoNFT Trainer certificate.

As being a LigoDLB and LigoNFT trainer, I can conduct official LigoWave courses for both tracks and open the exam for each student by end of each track.

LigoDLB course consist of 1 day track and topics that are covered in this track are:

  • PTMP solution - introduction to LigoDLB
  • Hands on labs:
    • Lab 1 - "LinkCalc" tool
    • Lab 2 - "iPoll 3" configuration
    • Lab 3 - link optimization
  • Hands on labs:
    • Lab 4 - VLAN management
  • Hands on labs:
    • Lab 5 - "WNMS" monitoring
    • Lab 6 - Troubleshooting

Currently I have 1 online course available for LigoWave which is: LigoWave NFT - Official course - That's an official and authorized course by LigoWave
With this course, you cover all the track of LigoNFT and by end of the course you are do the exam to become LigoWave NFT Certified engineer.

I am still planning to do a LigoDLB official course so students can also follow this track online and do its exam to become LigoWave DLB Certified engineer. Once the LigoDLB course is available, I will write a post in my blog and do the announcement.

Best Regards,
Maher Haddad