So..... You want to get a job as an IT engineer and in every interview they ask you about what certifications you hold. We all know that it is very costly to follow an IT course from different vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and also it is even more costly to pay for the official exam for each course.

For this, I have a very cost-effective solution for you that you can be certified for less than $70 USD. No I didn't make a typo mistake, it is really less than Seventy US Dollars.

How come this is possible?
It is very simple. You follow online the course LigoWave NFT - Official course and this will cost you only $9 USD. The course can be purchase on the following link:

With this purchase, you will get also access to our full other courses for MikroTik and Huawei

How to pass the official LigoWave exam?

Once you finish the course completely, you contact us asking for the exam which will cost you 50 Euro (excl. VAT) and you can do the exam from home with open books. If you pass the exam (passing grade 65%) then you will receive the official LigoWave certificate as following:

So in total, this won't cost you more than $70 USD and yes you are officially certified as a LigoWave Engineer.

With that, you add a certificate to your profile and also you add knowledge to your skills to be able to manage LigoWave wireless indoor network.

So don't be late and grab this chance to become a LigoWave certified engineer with the most cost-effective way.